How many time do you turn on the radio and a song is playing that literally “speaks” to you about something happening in your life at that moment. How many of us have had songs pop into our head, seemingly out of nowhere, and for days, perhaps weeks, walk around telling everyone we “just can’t get that song out of my head.”

Did it ever occur to you that these songs contain messages just for you?   Or maybe for someone you know?  Maybe the tune or the lyrics (if you know them) are simply soothing to you during a tough time, or the song causes you to remember a time and place.  As humans, we relate to music on so many levels, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  And those who guide us in spirit know this.

So then, did it ever occur to you that these songs are being “sent” to you something from beyond the physical realm of our understanding?

This blog is dedicated to this very subject and my own experiences where I have found guidance and answers through a song or songs that I heard, or even simply thought about.  It didn’t matter if it was a song from 30 years ago, or being played on a top 40 radio station.   Maybe I only knew one verse of the song, or no lyrics at all.  But the song was in my head nonetheless, and miraculously, when I read the lyrics, the song has meaning.

In looking back through my life, this has always happened to me, however, I have not been as open to it until now.   The direction to “Listen” came to me loud and clear after an earth-shattering ending to a relationship I had with someone very important to me who I believe at the very least is a strong soul connection, if not indeed, my twin flame.  Since then, the musical messages and synchronicities have been flowing in my life and I hope if not bringing me in to the arms of my friend again in this lifetime, then at least down my true spiritual path.

As I write here and share my stories, I invite others to share there experiences as well.  If you have no experience with this specific kind of synchronicity, I ask you to “Listen” as well.  Pay attention and you will begin to experience the guidance and the love of something greater than yourself.


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